Where am I?
Nairobi, Kenya

Good morning…um, not Africa yet, oh yes, it’s still London. The Hilton did very well accommodating an additional 350 people at very short notice, so we all enjoyed a nice breakfast! Although not quite as African as my morning should have been. Had to be back at the terminal around 8am – only a short 5minute walk! Although, this time met with long queues for passport and security checks. However this time, we got on a plane! The girl sat next to me on the plane lives a 5minute walk from my old house in Putney – what a small world it is! 8 hours and 3 films later, we were coming in to land over the dusty plains of Nairobi, skimming over the heads of the giraffes. We were even treated to a Christmas dinner on the plane – complete with turkey, stuffing, brussel sprouts and a mince pie! Back in London I had sent a few hurried emails to the Nairobi hostel to rearrange my airport pick up and was praying that they had been received, processed and someone would be here to meet me. I was in luck! A short drive through a dark and deserted Nairobi city later and I had finally arrived!


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