Kendwa, Zanzibar

I love my life
Zanzibar, Tanzania

A lie in this morning – but still up at 7.30am! Had breakfast on the roof of the hotel, overlooking the roofs of Stone Town.

The school next door provided the background music – chanting the Koran.

I haven’t done any shopping since arriving in Africa, so am long overdue! I headed across to the shops! After a lot of bartering, ended up with quite a lot of souvenirs and gifts! The shops were filled with loads of cool stuff – paintings, wooden carvings, jewellery etc etc. I’ve heard Malawi is better for wooden carved things, so will wait for those!


Stone Town is very muslim. Women are covered – some just a head scarf, others full black. We were told to cover up too. It’s 33 degrees and rather humid. Wearing leggings and sleeves is not the most comfortable thing in the world! Roll on the northern beaches!! (there, you can wear whatever).

After a hour and a bit on the road, we rolled into Kendwa at lunchtime! Staying in a beach hut/chalet.

The beach is beautiful – white sand, blue sea and not too busy. I went to chat to a few dive centres, couldn’t resist. So all signed up for some great sounding dives – better live up to expectations. Although when I asked about the level of other people on the trip, the guy very honestly said ‘people around here are ****’….oh wonderful!

The rest of the day was spent doing nothing. Lazing on the beach, swimming in the sea, drinking cocktails, bartering for more goods on the beach from my sand spot- can never have too many sarongs.

By the time 7pm came around, the sun was setting and we were all drunk! What was in those cocktails?! Apparently local rum is rather lethal!! Nevertheless, the rest of the evening was spent in the bar!


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