Temporary heaven
Lusaka, Zambia


We seem to have a bit of a 4.45am trend going on. Not one I am particularly fond of!

Yet another long day of driving. Possibly on the worst road we’ve been on – was so bumpy! Zambia, what’s going on?!

We now have a couple of truck trends going on:
– every morning when departing – even if it is 5am – the song ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ is always played;
– at 10am everyday, someone is nominated for the ‘top 10 at 10’ – the worst 10 songs on your iPod at 10am.
It helps to kill time!

We passed over a bridge – and had been pre-warned not to take photos as the military would have pulled us over and confiscated cameras. But when we came to the the bridge, it wasn’t even that exciting! Just like any ordinary bridge and only about 50m long. Not missing out on a good photo at all!! The military just grinned and waved at the mzungus anyway!

It look 8 hours to Lusaka, the capital. Immediately it felt like we had left Africa. The first thing – roundabouts (first time we have seen them!), dual carriageways, more than one other car on the road. Then we saw the shopping centre – Manda Hill Mall. Where are we?! The place was unlike anything I have seen in the last 3 weeks, a multi story car park, escalators, nandos, fast wifi, clothes shops, amazing toilets and a huge supermarket! I was in a temporary 90 minute heaven.

Our campsite was 10 minutes outside Lusaka. Driving down the muddy road, impala and waterbuck meters away from us, then 5 zebra trotting alongside! After putting up tents, we went for a walk to find the zebra. We found them, along with a few ostrich. The zebra were about 3 meters away from us, I was a bit scared of being stampeded, but they were more scared of us and bolted past!

Given I’ve been in Africa for 3 weeks, I’ve done pretty well with bugs. I’ve been bitten by several different things (Mosquitos, Nairobi fly and something else that left a load of white bumps and yellow goo!), but seen nothing too bad – no snakes and no big spiders. Until today. MASSIVE MASSIVE spiders in the campsite toilets. Thank god we’re only here for one night, but I do still need to go and brush my teeth….


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