Victoria Falls

Beginning of the end
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Today is the final day of driving. The last 420km towards Victoria Falls and my final destination on the yellow truck. Sad times!! I will miss it!!! Half the group are carrying on after Victoria Falls, heading down to Cape Town through Botswana and Namibia. I want to go too, sadly just don’t have enough time.

We had a fairly relaxed morning, up at 6.15am (I was cooking breakfast) and left at 7.45am. We popped into Bulawayo for a spot of shopping. As we were sat on the side of the road a random woman came to talk to a couple of us, she was so excited having met some new English and Australian ‘friends’ she asked for our phone numbers – this is the first time this has happened in Africa! Normally this is a daily occurrence elsewhere in the world! (I always feel bad making up an excuse as to why I don’t have a phone)

The number of police check points along the road was ridiculous. Within an hour we had to stop at 6. They mostly just have a quick chat with the driver (who as it happens is a Bulawayo local) and wave us on. Not quite sure what they are for. We arrived into Victoria falls town at around 4pm, just as it started to tip down with rain! It had been a nice hot day until now.

I can’t think of a nicer time to set up a tent than in the rain, wonderful – and the last time I will be setting up my tent.

We’re staying at a backpackers hostel rather than a traditional campsite – which all the others have been to date. So for almost the first time, there are other people to talk to! After booking activities for the next few days, we spent the rest of the evening at the bar. Chat with the bar men for a while…free shots!


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