Goodbye Malaysia
Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Finally time to pack my bags and head away from my Mabul home for a couple of weeks.

As I was driving away from Semporna for the hours ride to the airport, I realised I had not been in a car (or any other mode of transport for that matter, aside from a boat) for the past 3 months.

That is weird.

Being, as usual, far too early for my flight, gave me an opportunity to peruse the shops. What a selection!

More crisps, chocolate and icecream than I have seen in a long time! I didn’t know Malaysia offered such a selection!

After stocking up on just a couple of things and immediately feeling sick, it was time to fly! Just a 50 minute flight across to the Western side of Sabah, to Kota Kinabalu.

We should have been skimming over the luscious trees of the Bornean rainforest. However, just neat row after row of palm oil trees as far as the eye could see met my gaze. Just another reminder of the damage we are irreversibly creating to the island. I had just a couple of hours before my connecting flight to Manila.

So, taking myself up to departures I was expecting to be able to check myself in. Not so easy! ‘Terminal 2’ flashed up on the screen. Terminal 2?! That wasn’t on my ticket! I wasn’t even aware there was such a thing and apparently the only way to get there, a 35RM taxi. Cheeky.

Eventually, by 6pm I was off, goodbye Malaysia! Two short hours later, we were flying over the bright lights of Manila. Everything that could possibly be lit up, was lit up. From the tall skyscrapers to the trees lining the parks. Everywhere was light.

Hello Philippines! A few weeks ago I thought it was going to be a good idea to fly out of Manila at 6am tomorrow. Right now, feeling that wasn’t quite such a good idea. So I found myself a spot to ‘bed down’ for the night in the airport! I was saved by the mega fast Internet (something I have been substantially lacking for 3 months!) so at least kept myself entertained for a while.


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