Cebu City

Too many shops!
Tagbilaran City, Philippines

Time to head off and back to the airport.

A short 15 minute (boiling hot) walk to the bus terminal, where I had to wait 50 minutes for the 10 seater bus to fill up before we headed off.

Luckily I left plenty of time for my flight as I had anticipated such a delay! The local buses here are known as jeepneys.


These are elaborately decorated, brightly coloured stretched-out hummer-style mini trucks. They are quite unlike anything I have ever seen before. After the 90 minute winding-road ride I again, felt quite sick. I was far too early to check in for my flight, so sat around in the sunshine watching the volcano, while the security guards took it in turns to come over and try to chat up the white girl.

When checking in, I had to be weighed as well as my bag! We were going on a small propellor plane :s

The plane to Cebu took off on time and only took an hour, floating over numerous small green islands, before we were coming into land. I took a taxi into town. To get one of the cheaper meter taxis, I had to walk out of arrivals, across a road, up a flight of stairs and through the departures terminal!

They like to make the system a complicated as possible! There was quite a lot of traffic, so took almost an hour to travel not very far, so was around 5pm by the time I arrived at the hotel. I was quite surprised as I was expecting Cebu to be a lot more modern. Actually what we drove through were quite scruffy streets with small stores that were quite similar to one found in more rural areas.

After dropping my bags, back out to go shopping! The Alaya Centre is quite unlike anything I have seen since leaving England. I felt like I was in England, accessorize, topshop, marks and spencer. It was all quite a shock! I treated myself to some nice food and some new clothes. It was all quite exciting!


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