Alona Beach

Moving on
Alona beach, Philippines


Today, time to move on.

I left the resort around 6.30am and by 7am was back on the outrigger boat bound for Maya.

A short 30 minutes later, was climbing out of the boat, up a wall of rocks! The bus left around 8am, headed for Cebu.

We arrived into the bus terminal in Cebu around 12pm and I hopped into a taxi to the ferry terminal. Except the driver didn’t have a clue where he was going. Oh dear.

We kept stopping for directions. After a short while, we finally arrived (with what should have only been a 10 minute drive!). Unfortunately the next ferry to Bohol at 2pm was sold out, but luckily still space on the 3.30pm.

So rather a long wait in a small room with no toilets or food-buying-places. Those luxuries are beyond the check in desk, which I wasn’t allowed to pass for another 2.5hours. A quick word with the security guy and I was through, thank goodness as I hadn’t eaten all day yet!

The ferry across to Tagbiliran, on Bohol, took around 2 hours, so we had a beautiful sunset across the ocean. I had decided to head across to the nearby Panglao island to Alona beach to spend the next couple of days. Easiest way to get there, on the back of a motorbike!

We arrived in Alona after around 40 minutes, however, everywhere I went had no rooms!! I hadn’t planned ahead. So ended up staying miles away from anywhere, in the middle of nowhere.

The room was cheap, at only 300p, but definitely the worst place I have stayed all trip. It wasn’t very clean and the ‘bed’ was basically a sheet covering a wooden frame. I managed to burn my leg on the motorbike, so a large blister was forming. All I had eaten all day was a packet of crisps at the ferry terminal and where I was now staying was a long way from any restaurants or shops. After 13 hours of travelling I was tired and not in a good mood! So I just went to bed, miserable!


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