Phnom Penh

One last goodbye
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sunrise time. Leaving the hotel at 4.45am, I was hoping for a more spectacular view that two days ago. I wasn’t to be disappointed.

As soon as the temple came into view, the turrets became all but shadows across an orange sky. Amazing!!! As I drew nearer to the Angkor towers, the sky was alight with orange, purple, pink and blue. It was beautiful. I stood with the crowds by the puddle to enjoy the dancing colours as the sun rose up above the towers. I am so glad I came back for a second morning.


As the sun broke through, the crowds dispersed and I headed back inside the temple. Not many people are up for temple-ing at 6am, which was perfect – almost the whole place to myself.

Bayon has so far been my favourite temple, so I decided to go back for one last visit! Again, being so early in the morning, there was no one here! Perfect. I could stare into those eerie faces without being knocked over by the hoards.

I was back at the hotel by 8am, so enjoyed a leisurely morning before catching the bus back to Phnom Penh at 1pm.

5 hours later, we were rolling back into the chaotic city. I stayed at the same guesthouse as before and had a wonderful surprise as two friends were there waiting for me! If that wasn’t enough, two more joined an hour later! What a lovely evening to round off a great week in Cambodia.


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