London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Monday 10 September 2012

The journey home was long. After one last sunny day, the last few hours of ‘tanning’, it was time to say goodbye and hop on a boat back to Semporna. An uneventful hours drive through the forested palm oil plantations and a three hour flight back to KL. Next up, the part I was dreading – a 10 hour wait in KL airport over night.

Soon enough 10am rolled round and I was ready waiting on my Malaysian airlines plane to take me back to London after almost 8 months of being away. A 13 hour wait on the plane (enjoying some cheese and a magnum ice cream!) and London was visible. All looks the same.

It was good to be home again! Welcomed back with cake and inflatable fish!

Saturday 15 September 2012

London Fashion Week.

I timed my home arrival quite well there! Time to turn from island mess into sophisticated Londoner!

We were invited to watch two catwalk shows at Somerset House. After being adorned with a pass, we totally skipped the whole queue, whisked through like a VIP and took up our seats on the white benches alongside the catwalk.

First up – Todd Lynn. As the lights went down the loud music started and the skinny models began to strut down the catwalk. The clothes were all either black or cream. It was exciting to be at a show, but the clothes were not very exciting to look at. After about 10 minutes or so, the show was over and we filtered back out onto the cobbled streets.

After a spot of shopping around Covent Garden – I have not missed the weekend London crowds – back off to Somerset House for the next show.

Next up – Issa. I was looking forward to this one, Kate Middleton has worn a few of her dresses and they’ve always been rather nice. However this time, I was surprised to be presented with a ‘photographer/broadcaster’ for the catwalk pass!!! So, very excitedly, I took my place up at the end of the catwalk amongst all the other actual professional photographers! One of them even asked me what I was doing up there, one quick flash of my official ID and he was silent.

The whole show was brilliant. I had a great time clicking away trying to achieve the perfect catwalk photo. The dresses were great too, all very girly, colourful and pretty. Amazing.


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