Back to Manado
Manado, Indonesia


Before long, it was time to leave this little diving paradise and head back to Manado.

I had the morning to enjoy the sunshine, dry my dive kit, pack my ridiculous amount of luggage, hang around doing nothing and enjoy my last lunch here! However, my relaxing morning was spoilt when I received a confusing email from the airline about my flight tomorrow morning. It was a confirmation email ‘confirming no operated flight Y6-632’. So does that mean its not running, or that’s just the flight number.

Well after ringing the airline it turns out the flight is cancelled. Oh dear. Third cancelled flight in less than a week! Luckily there is another airline that will fly me to Jakarta in time for my flight to Bangkok tomorrow evening. But it’s more expensive than what I originally paid. Rubbish. At least I managed to get a refund – that’s more than can be said for the other cancellations and I’m grateful for all the resort staff for making that happen for me so quickly!

After the flight ticket palava was sorted out, I got a boat back to the mainland at 2pm – just a very short 10 minute hop! Then the 2 hour (!!) car drive back to Manado – there was a lot of traffic.

The choice of accommodation in Manado is fairly limited, with everything being relatively expensive. So I am back (for the third time!) in the hotel I usually stay at – complete with a swimming pool! Shame it’s raining then!


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