Running around the city
Bangkok, Thailand


Well, we arrived on time at 5am! My hostel was a 20 minute tuk tuk drive away and luckily there was a spare bed, so I managed to get a few hours of sleep! The best bed I’ve had in the whole of Thailand, lovely squishy duvet too!

Back in the big city, with several jobs to catch up on now!

I took my camera to the Canon repair centre in the hope they might be able to fix it and save me the expense of a new one. But no, the repair cost being £110! What!!! So that’s annoying, almost cheaper to just buy a new one!

Everything is currently broken. I spotted a jewellery repair shop, so took my necklace in on the off chance (broke that last week while brushing my hair!). And yes – fixed for just £4 Amazing.

After 9 days waiting, it was finally time to collect my passport from the Indian visa centre. That was easy, took all of 5 minutes and a new visa sticker! I will be in India in April, excited, but also rather scared!!

It’s also time to sort out all my excessive baggage! Firstly, I had to collect the bag I had left last week in Bangkok – so that involved several more train journeys! I’m not doing any more diving, so all that’s not coming with me! After streamlining, I’m down to 8kg! Perfect!

What a tiring day!


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