The end of Laos
Vientiane, Lao Peoples Dem Rep


We arrived into Vientiane at 5.30am – an hour quicker than on the way there!

The bus station is about a 15 minute ride from the main town.

This time, although bombarded by tuk tuk drivers, their first offer was a fair price. That is unusual and a welcome surprise.

So before 6am, still in darkness I was in the city. I have nothing to do today, I’ve seen all the touristy things here in Vientiane, so another day of lazing around!!

Difference here being that there isn’t really anywhere that comfy to sit – or you pay a lot for it! Food is a lot more expensive here than in Luang Prabang, there isn’t many food stalls to speak of, instead quite a lot of (rather expensive) boutique-style cafes.

I had no sleep on the bus last night, the roads wind round and round, I ended up feeling quite sick. So hardly managed to stay awake for the day.

Some general observations about Laos:

– pavements are not for walking. Pavements are for selling various paraphernalia. This includes food, betting slips and temple offerings.

– there seems to be no real ‘Laotian food’. Restaurants will serve high end French cuisine, Thai food and general Asian fried rice. Cafes tend to have very western food – sandwiches, cakes and pastries. And street stalls have filled baguettes or BBQ chicken. So I’m really not sure what Laotian food is. But maybe I’ve just been too much on the tourist trail.

– no one seems to rip you off too badly. They will all start with a ridiculously high price, but as soon as you say no, they will instantly drop to a third of that, a much more sensible price. This applies to shop stalls as well as tuk tuks.

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