Kuala Lumpur

Here I am again….
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Another morning of lazing around.

The shops are all back open, the street is no longer a ghost town of boarded up shops. So I enjoyed my last morning of warm pandesal bread – straight from the oven, along with my last mango from the market.

I will miss these mangos. They are plump, sweet, juicy and yellow. Nothing like the hard, bitter, stringy mangos I know from home.

And back to the airport.

Public transport in the Philippines is much to be desired. The only way back to the airport – by taxi. Luckily, it’s not too expensive.

Last year in the domestic terminal, I sat around for hours, delayed, feeling hungry as there was nowhere to eat. I should have known better than to just assume international would be better! Again. Nothing. Ridiculous. So no lunch.

Another thing that annoys me about Philppine airports – the departure tax. In all the smaller airports its not too offensive, being about 60p. But Cebu – £9! £9 for what exactly?! There are already plenty of fees included in the airline ticket, I hate paying £9 to stand in queue after queue and then be presented with zero shops. Ridiculous.

I could go on to complain about the price of water (500ml here being the price I pay for 4litres in the city!!)…..

I wasn’t in a good mood!

We left 10 minutes early (!) at 4.20pm, 3.5 hours headed back to Malaysia.

The route we flew took us across the top of Borneo – a lovely view of Mount Kinabalu, the peaks shrouded in wispy clouds and of KK city with the pretty Gaya island just offshore.

I miss Borneo.

We landed at 8pm. I love Malaysia.

Every time I land here it makes me smile. But more recently, coupled with the dread of passing through immigration. Given the amount of time I have spent here, (my passport tells me I’ve visited 11 times….whoops!) and I haven’t been anywhere on the peninsula except for KL! Time to rectify that! I have a few days before leaving for Bali, so I’m going to go to the Cameron Highlands and to Melaka. But firstly, another night in KL 🙂 But before that, having not eaten since my mango and bread for breakfast this morning, time for some dinner.

At least this airport has sensible (ie cheap) prices. More than can be said for the ridiculously expensive Philippines. I’m staying at my usual place in Chinatown. So caught the bus from the airport, then the tube just one stop up to Pasar Seni. By the time I got there, it was gone 10.30pm. But in usual fashion (every time I stay here) I stayed up half the night messing around on the internet – there’s no windows here so no concept of night and day!


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