Belize City

Going slow
Belize, Belize


I slept most of the 3 hour drive from the border.

We arrived into Belize City at 7am (after 7 hours on the bus)

This country is so different to Mexico.

The main road was just a single carriage way, full of pot holes and speed bumps, so it was impossible to get up any speed. The houses and buildings are all dotted along the sides of the roads – very colourful and many on stilts. Palm trees were dotted around and the whole area felt a lot more tropical compared to Mexico.

Actually, it was a lot like Borneo.

The capital city was tiny – and completely unlike any capital city I’ve been to before! There was a battery factory and cement factory right in the centre. The other buildings are all very small and cute. The bus dropped us off at the very old central bus station. I teamed up with a few others to catch a taxi to the boat stop. It was just US$2 each.

The driver took us on a mini tour – showing us the main square (tiny – but cute old buildings!). Oh and everyone speaks English here!

The Belezian dollar is the officially currency, but it’s pegged 2:1 to the USD. Everyone takes USD and the two currencies seem to be interchangeable.

The next boat out to caye caulker was at 8am. Perfect timing, only 45 minutes to wait. $22 for a return ticket. We even left on perfect time! 45 minute very fast speed boat across the Carribean Sea.

We were dropped off in the middle of the long shaped island. It was a 10 minute walk along the beach to where I am staying. But my room wasn’t ready yet.

So after a quick change, I went out to have a look around. The island was surprisingly large. I spent over an hour wandering up to the top and back down again. Lots of touristy shops, cafés and hotels. The buildings are all brightly coloured, some on stilts. There are three main streets – front street, middle street and back street.

Nice and easy – basically a grid! The island motto appears to be ‘go slow’ with signs everywhere reminding you! I stopped off for a late breakfast.

Of waffles. How American.

There are lots of American people here – the menu seems to largely cater to them! They were good – even made with brown flour!

I’m staying in a cabana – a traditional structure on stilts, steps away from the shoreline. It’s very cute. Bright yellow and blue, with a mini kitchen and bathroom. I have a small balcony at the front with a lovely sea view. Love it!

The rest of the day I spent wandering around, (falling asleep) and cycling about. I cycled several kilometers around the mangroves at the southern end of the island – didn’t see any exciting animals though! There are many varieties of protected birds here, as well as crocodiles! Didn’t see anything other than lots of tree roots and pot holes. Sunset was just after 6pm. I cycled back up the island and found a good spot to hang around and watch. It was a lovely day for a sunset. Perfectly clear sky – and a full moon as well!


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