Guatemala to Honduras

Bye Guatemala
Copan Ruinas, Honduras


We were due to leave at 8am today. So I had hoped for a mini lie in.

But that didn’t happen – there was a lot of noise from 5am. Annoying.

When I went outside around 7am, the streets were swarming with people. Overnight, all the amazing pictures lining the floors had been reconstructed and were even more grand than yesterday. Sawdust, sand and flower creations lined the whole street. They were amazing!!

I had some pancakes and fruit for breakfast (20Q – £1.50) and saw my first cat!! When I had finished, outside was a sea of purple people. The procession was coming along again!! This time there were horses and thousands of people. Even more than yesterday. The purple people seemed never ending!!

Then the floats came by – different from yesterday, today Jesus was carrying his cross. And the bands again. And just as yesterday, the beautiful flower creations were being trampled and ruined. And swept away as the procession finished.

We ended up leaving the hotel around 8.45am after the procession had passed. And as we walked down the street towards the bus, the people were back out again starting again on their new flower creations!

We have a private mini van taking us to Honduras today.

A long day of driving.

By the time we headed off, it was around 9.15am. And spent a while circling the one-way streets of Antigua. Made even more confusing by all the road closures!

We ended up driving back through Guatemala City – this time seeing it in daylight. Much of the outer city is built on the surrounding hills. The shanty towns hanging off the sides of the hills – all small square boxes.

Then we ended up in the countryside. Pretty hills and winding roads. We stopped off after a few hours – and had some icecream! Before continuing onwards.

Every now and then we had to pass through a police check point. An awful lot of them!! We didn’t get pulled over – but several cars were being. Not sure what the police were looking for. We stopped off for lunch at a brand new shopping complex, in the middle of the mountains – surrounded by nothing. Random.

There was a supermarket, so bought an apple and a pineapple empanada! Around 3pm we reached the border.

A quick stamp out of Guatemala and we had to walk across the border. I have no idea why you are always made to walk across borders. Africa, Asia, it’s all the same – you always walk. (Except for Borneo – going between Malaysia and Brunei, no need to even leave the car).

Usually a border is an invisible line, separating the 2 countries. However here, if was a very visible line of trees up the mountain side! It was rather funny!


Once we had walked the few steps over into Honduras, some paper work, another (rather small) stamp and we were off! Leaving the border about 4.15pm.

2014 country number 7 – Honduras

It took less than an hour to reach the small town of Copan. And we finally made it! After dumping bags, went off to explore.

This small town has a main square – with a church at one end and some small pretty buildings around. They are also celebrating the Semana Santa here – with coloured sand drawings across one road. The whole town is made up of only a handful of small streets, so within 10 minutes we had covered most of it!

For dinner we all headed out to a restaurant and I tried some typical food (called Tipico – and every place will have their own ‘typical’ food) – a local dish which is like a bento box! You get a small amount of rice, some black beans, a small square of very strong cheese (bit like a strong feta), some salsa, half an avocado, some sour cream, cooked plantain and some flour tortilla wraps. It was ok (100L – £3.15). All the food across the countries seems to be fairly similar.


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