Over the Oresund Bridge
Malmö, Sweden


Back to the train station this morning and off to a new country! 176 DKK (£19) for a return train ticket to Sweden.

After spending my last bits of change on breakfast (Danish pastry!) we found our platform. And the train was delayed.

We sat down to wait and lucky I kept checking the screens – we had a sudden platform change, with the train leaving in 3 minutes!

Mad panic to get up the escalators, along the station and back down some other escalators. The train on the platform wasn’t the one we wanted. But until the guard pointed out another train down the other end of the platform, we wouldn’t have noticed it! So we had to run…..! But we made it. What a faf! Should have been so easy.

The train was nice, not too busy. It’s only a 35 minute ride to Malmö, Sweden.

We passed back through Copenhagen airport and then towards the coast and the Oresund bridge.

The Oresund Bridge is 7.8km long, the longest cable-tied bridge in the world. The train line runs just underneath the road. It was cool!

A wind farm on one side, small sail boats dotted around and after only about 5 minutes of being on the bridge, we were in Sweden!

2014 country number 12 – Sweden

Malmö train station is all brand new and really nice. Well sign posted and very clear!

This is Sweden’s third largest city and is encircled by canals everywhere. We crossed over a canal to reach the main centre, a large square called Stortorget, with the city hall on one side. A lovely old building with nice turrets. And just next door, the Apoteket Lejonet, an old apothecary founded in 1571.


It’s a shame that being Sunday, everything is closed! So we wandered around the quiet streets! Just along the road is another square, the Lilla Torg. Again surrounded by lots of old buildings. These ones with wooden designs across the fronts. After wandering around a few streets we headed to the park – Kungsparken.

It was really nice here, again more canals. Lots of trees and pretty flowers. Swans, ducks and geese. And a windmill! Swedish people seem very active – cyclists, runners, people on roller blades, dog walkers. People everywhere! In the middle of the park is the Malmöhus Slot, the castle. The first fortress was built here in 1436 but has since been destroyed several times through war and fires. The current building was erected in 1930 and is a rather odd looking red brick building with cylindrical ‘store house’ style parts on either side of the front of the building. The building did have a cool reflection in the surrounding canal though.

Through the trees, the Turning Torso building pokes out every now and then. At 190m tall, it is Sweden’s tallest building. It was constructed in 2005 and turns though 90 degrees from the top to the bottom. It does look pretty cool! However, it is a residential building, so it is not possible to go inside.

From the park we wanted to head off towards the coast line. The map didn’t extend quite that far. But it wasn’t hard to find – just follow the crowds headed that way! We ended up in a large park by the water, residential buildings further up and down the coast. But here was completely empty. And it was really nice! A small beach section, then it turned rocky. Being much closer to the Turning Torso, we had good views of that too.


And just out across the water you could see the entire Oresund Bridge. And even the tops of the Copenhagen buildings along the horizon. Lucky it was a nice sunny day. We sat by the water for a long time, enjoying the sunshine! It took a surprisingly long time to walk back to the train station – 45 minutes! I hasn’t realised we had walked so far. It was a nice walk. We went a slightly different way, past a small fish market and again through some small streets of cute buildings.

Our train was at 2.53pm. No faffing this time, the train arrived on time. Back across the Oresund Bridge. So cool!

And within 20 minutes we were back in Denmark and back at the airport. After a LOT of pointless walking around following the signs for Terminal 2 (and then had to walk completely back on ourselves again) there were some long queues at scanning. But then into the shopping area. I’ve come to not expect too much from airports anymore. They are mostly rather boring (aside from Heathrow, where I love all the shops). But this one was amazing!! So many cool shops. Almost, actually probably, better than Heathrow! And that is saying something. Our plane was on time, and actually pulled away 5 minutes early! Awesome! Back to London.


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