Woken up with banging on the door at 5.30am. We had no electricity here, so unable to charge my phone – literally lost without it.

And today I cannot move.

Literally unable to move my legs.

At all.

Totally stiff and achy.

The sunrise was amazing today. The row of snowy mountains was still visible, but not as close this time. There was an orange glow across the whole sky, it was so beautiful. The rays were shining across the sky and the bright ball of the sun slowly came above the jagged mountain line.

We had breakfast at 6.30am and predictably I had a banana pancake. After a few stupid photos on the edge of the garden with the amazing view, spelling out Nepal with people and having some last group photos with out porters, we set off at 7.30am.

This time it was all downhill. Some sloping, other parts just large drops down stone steps. Everything hurt and walking continuously downhill for such a long time is painful.

We were now out of the mountain area, instead just passing through farmlands. Rice terraces and larger villages. It felt very different. A lot busier and we met a small road so had to dodge jeeps and motorbikes – haven’t seen any vehicles for 3 days! It took 2 hours of continuous downhill and we met the main road.

The end!!!! I survived 4 days of trekking! Wow. I felt so stiff sitting on the bus. (I know it was only 4 days)

We weren’t on it for long, only about 20 minutes before being dropped off in a busy market town and picked up by another van to head to the top of a nearby hill – Sarakot.

From here the views are great, all across the valley towards Pokhara. And from here, paragliding. The hillside was so busy, there were at least 30 gliders in the sky. I have no idea how they didn’t crash into each other!! The guy said they all turn right and they know each other, so it’s all fine. Hmm. Apparently it was really good air.

So we were quickly paired up and given a harness to wear and within a couple of minutes being told to run off the side of the hill. And we were up!

I’ve paraglided before (in Bolivia back in 2010), but I was still a bit nervous! When you get lifted higher into the air your stomach just drops. We circled around and around, we could see for miles it was such a clear day. Snowy mountains in the distance, pokhara lake below us and small villages and farms across the side of the mountain. It was really cool. We stayed up for half an hour, circling around and around in the sky.

As we came in to land next to the lake, we spun really fast, it was too scary for me (pathetic!). It felt so fast coming into land, but suddenly we slowed and the guy told me to just stand up. I tried, but my legs failed me and I ended up collapsing on the floor!

It was only a 10 minute drive back into town and we were back by 11.15am! We’ve done so much today and it’s still so early! We weren’t quite sure which restaurant we were meeting the other, but got dropped off at the right one.

We were hungry and ordered food, so annoying that it took 70 minutes to arrive. Omg. It was ridiculous. I had ordered a vegetable burger and it was really not nice, so I didn’t eat much. Luckily it had only cost £1.70 so not a waste of a lot of money! Granola bars and bananas instead then!!

After picking up the rest of our luggage from the hotel, we head off at 2pm on the bus to head to the next destination – Chitwan. The transport strike is over and the roads were busy. Trucks and buses, cars and motorbikes. Everywhere. On all the narrow roads, so the journey was slower this time. All the shops were open again too. We stopped after 3 hours for a tea break at a cute cafe, with great views out across a large river confluence. Locals were playing football and doing their washing in the river.

And then just 2 more hours driving. We stopped at the side of the road to watch the sunset – an orange ball disappearing behind the mountains – whilst all the rest of the traffic whizzed past us! We finally arrived into the town of Sauraha in the Chitwan National Park around 7pm and to our jungle lodge. It was so fancy!! After a quick shower we headed to the restaurant for dinner, I had a vegetable curry with rice which had cashews in. It was the best curry I’ve had since being here!! But a bit more expensive at £3.50. And then another early night – still tired!


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