San Jose

San José, Costa Rica

Today I was planning on visiting a volcano (one that I’ve been meaning to visit the last 4 times I’ve been to Costa Rica). But again, I didn’t make it.

So a day of lazing around. And woah. It was much needed.

I managed to sleep two extra hours, until 7am. Latest I’ve managed so far.

After some watermelon and mango for breakfast, I managed a short while in the gym. Back to bed. Bit of time at the pool. Back to bed. Then back to the airport.

This flight has been a bit of a nightmare. When I booked the flight with Cubana, it departed at 10am. Then over the past 2 months I’ve had various emails changing its time. To 2pm. To 4pm. To 3.45pm. And then this week saying that check in was at 12pm only. Like what is going on.

I should have known that meant trouble.

I arrived at the airport at 12.30pm (a good 3 hours 15 mins before the flight). Paid the annoying $29 fee to leave the airport. Then joined the really long queue to check in.

When I was nearing the second queue (they had split the queue), we were stopped and not allowed to move any further along we stayed like this for nearly an hour with no explanation. After a while there was lots of shouting in Spanish and security guards turned up. Turns out they had oversold the plane by about 40 people and we didn’t have space. But they had a broken plane at the airport that they were trying to fix so we might fly today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, we were driven to a hotel back in the middle of the city. I was not happy. I was supposed to join a group tour in Cuba today. There are no more flights to Havana today. And for tomorrow are really expensive.

After a few hours, we hadn’t heard anything. So I tried booking a flight for tomorrow, only to find out that they were all full. Nightmare. So resigned to spend a night here and try again tomorrow. We at least had a free dinner.

Monday 10 April 2017

Still no news on a plane.

So I booked myself the next one possible. Tomorrow at 4am. At least I will soon be on the move. If I had known we wouldn’t be going anywhere today, I could have done something productive. Instead I spent some time sitting around. At the gym. By the pool. Largely wasting time. More free food. More rice and beans. For every meal. Lucky I like them!


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