Sunday 7 October 2018

We were up early. There was no one around. The streets were deserted.

We were heading to the Alhambra. I was so excited. I’ve wanted to come here for so long.

You have to buy a timed ticket to enter the Nasrid Palace. Ours was for 10am. But we were there by 8.30am, so had plenty of time to go around a few other parts first.

We wandered around the Alcazaba first. An old fort. With views back across to where we were staying.

When it was 10am, we joined the queue to head into the Palace. This is where all the elaborate mosaics, doors and arches are. Endless rooms of them. And the large courtyard with the pool of water.

It was actually fairly similar to the Alcazar that we visited yesterday in Seville.

There is a fixed route that takes you through various rooms, then finishing up in a garden.

The garden stretched round and round up towards the Generalife. This is the summer palace part of the Alhambra and again full of more plants and flowers. With great views back towards the city.

The whole Alhambra was amazing. And glad we went early, it was definitely getting very busy.

It was about 1pm by the time we were finished. We headed back down the hill, the way we had come. And into the town centre.

Lunch time. At a vegan restaurant – Wild Food. It was delicious.

Then for a bit more of a wander around.

In the evening, we headed back out and to some tapas bars. You buy a drink (alcohol or non alcohol – for me!) and you get a free tapas plate with it! Obviously we made sure to go to vegan bars. We had a few – they were good! And some gelato – obviously!

Monday 8 October 2018

Time to head back home. We couldn’t fly directly to London today – the flights only go on certain days. So have a quick layover in Madrid. The number of times I have been to Madrid airport…but not yet to the city…!


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