Monday 12 November 2018

Back on the bus to Auckland airport. And after a massive bag check in palava, ready for my flight to Tahiti!

It was a struggle finding vegan food in the airport. A Mexican place did a small tofu taco. But nothing else anywhere. Very unusual.

It was a 5 hour flight into the Pacific. And across the date line. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t announce that we were passing over the line!

So after leaving New Zealand on Monday, now landing in Tahiti on Sunday. Very strange. I get to re-live a whole day. The time difference is 23 hours.

I was also disappointed that they wouldn’t stamp my passport. French Polynesia is considered part of the EU! How strange.

Country number – 100!

I was picked up by the guesthouse I’m staying at. And they greeted me with a flower lei! How cute!

The airport is very close to the town of Papeete, which is the main town on the island of Tahiti.

It was just like any other ordinary town. Too many cars. And lots of buildings.

I’m staying at a house, which has a small guesthouse of 3 rooms built into it.

I popped to a nearby supermarket to stock up. I was surprised that almost everything in the shop was from France! They import everything. Except pineapples which are grown here – and even those are expensive!


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