Saturday 4 May 2019

My next destination is Alor. To dive. But it’s not possible to get to Alor in one day from Bali, and I have to spend a day in Kupang, Timor.

After another smoothie bowl, I headed to the airport. It took around 90 minutes (a bit longer when the driver can’t speed along with nothing on the road like he did the other night!).

Boarding was confusing. They were boarding three flights, at the same time, from the same gate. But I made it.

Kupang is the capital of the Nusa Tenggara region. And the main city on the Indonesian island of Timor. On the eastern side of Timor is East Timor (which I visited a couple of years ago!). But I hadn’t been to Kupang before.

I’m staying at a hotel on the beach and went for a walk along the beach. Nothing too exiting around. But a lot of people who either want to take a photo of me, or pretend that they aren’t, but really they are. Very strange – but perhaps not many white girls come here.

My day wasn’t too exciting. I had some very spicy tempeh for lunch. Sat by the pool. Wanted to swim, but there were too many local families all taking photos of me constantly so it was too awkward.

So I went for a massage instead. It cost me a whole £5.

It wasn’t particularly relaxing though. A birthday party was happening on the beach and windows are not sound proof here. I could hear every single game going on.

The sunset was amazing though. I headed back onto the beach to watch. The sea was at low tide, creating tide pools all along, with boats stranded on the sand.


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