Saturday 10 May 2019

I did nothing all morning. Went for a short walk. But mostly just nothing.

I was picked up at 10.30am for the one hour drive back to the airport, ready for my rescheduled flight to Kupang.

After a lot of negotiating, I appeared to be able to check my bag all the way to Bali.

But the 1.40pm flight departure time came and went. And no plane. It finally arrived at 2.40pm. So not looking good for the 3pm flight out of Kupang.

Then after speaking with the girls again, they gave me a new luggage tag. My bag is now only going to Kupang.

Indonesian airports are just a continuing mystery of things changing and everything being too difficult for everyone.

By the time we landed in Kupang, it was 3.30pm. And the flight to Bali (the last one of the day) had departed 15 minutes ago. Without everyone on my plane. So frustrating.

It took over 2 hours for the airline to accept any kind of responsibility and book me (and all the other people) onto new flights. And after refusing to be on tomorrow’s 3pm, I’m now on tomorrow’s 7.15am flight.

So having to spend another night in Kupang. But this time in a crappy hotel near the airport that the airline are paying for. Very unhappy.

Saturday 11 May 2019

My Kupang taxi man picked me up at 5am. I have used him for all three journeys that I’ve done here! Lucky as the hotel told me that they were not able to book a taxi (have you heard of anything more ridiculous).

Back at the airport for a 40 minute argument about which flight I was on and why I am not paying for excess luggage again (I had already paid in my ticket for yesterday). In Indonesian. No English spoken here. So at least they pretend not to. Very frustrating. My language isn’t as good as it used to be. But it’s rapidly coming back. I am now able to talk for hours about delayed and cancelled flights, and excess baggage.

Finally I made it. With my hand written boarding pass, as apparently printing one was now too difficult.

Third attempt to leave Kupang.

We even left ahead of the 7.15am scheduled time. But not to Bali. To maumere first.

I’ve been to maumere before. 8 years ago! I travelled all across the island of Flores. But this time just for a few minutes before leaving again, finally to Bali.

We did have nice views across the Komodo national park.

10am and finally back.

To Canggu, my new favourite area. It was 12pm by the time we had negotiated all the traffic and arrived at my villa for the next few days.

It was quite amazing. My own pool, outside kitchen and dining room. And a huge bathroom. Wow.

But priorities. Lunch. And my favourite cafe – Peloton.

I had nasi campur (which means ‘mixed rice’ – rice and lots of different curries, basically a meal for someone who can’t decide what to eat!).

For the rest of the day, I wandered around a few cute shops, went for a swim in my pool. Had a massage. And ordered food (delivered by go jek!). It was such a good day.

Sunday 12 May 2019

My final day.

Breakfast is included and was delivered to my room at 9am.

They told me they didn’t do vegan food, but would see what the chef could make. Well, he outdid himself. Vegetables and fruit, but so beautiful! And some granola. Enough food for all meals today! (But I still have cafes I want to go to!)

I got a scooter up to the main area of Canggu, because, ice cream. It was epic.

Then back to my pool.

One last lunch at peloton. Then it was time to head back to the airport.

Bali has definitely grown on me. The first time I was here (in 2011) I absolutely hated it. 2013, still wasn’t a fan. 2017, liked it a bit more. And this time, just loved all the vegan cafes. It’s very touristy. But for a few days of good food, it’s just amazing.


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