I’ve not been in gurgaon before. A satellite city of Delhi. Just next to the international airport. Filled with glass box offices. Endless numbers of them.

I spent a week at the office. One unusual part – there was very little food anywhere nearby. One sit-down style restaurant. No canteen here! Very unusual. Everyone just brings their own packed lunch.

And the traffic. I thought Bangalore was bad. This was just on another level. 18 lanes of traffic at one point, just not moving. A car park. I was staying around 7km away from the office and it took over 1 hour to get back each evening. One evening took 2 hours. Madness. And so frustrating.

And I finally managed a trip to Qtub Minar – after attempting to come here at least the last 3 time’s I’ve been in Delhi!

I got there at 7.15am, just after it opened – and had the place to myself for over an hour! Amazing.


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