Wednesday 13 November 2019

A slightly later day, leaving at 9am. A final drive through Queen Elizabeth national park, as the main road runs right through. Saw lots of stork sitting in a tree, water buck, water buffalo and the final Ugandan kob (like antelope).

We crossed the channel, and then back into farmland. But this time it varied a lot – straight into tea plantations! Bright green. And so pretty. Lots of people cutting tea – some using mini lawnmovers! And others using shears with attached plastic containers to catch the leaves.

It was a really pretty drive.

We stopped for lunch at a diner enroute. They made a vegetable wrap and chips. Was ok – but local food is far better than the food they like to serve western people.

We headed off into the mountains. Winding roads, round and round the farmland. But as it was starting to rain, we didn’t see all the mountains in the distance.

Just as we arrived at our lodge, around 4pm, it began to pour down with rain. Very, very heavy rain. So we had to wait a while before heading down to our bungalows.

We have been given bungalows looking out into the bwindi Impenetrable National Park Forest. Amazing views. Mist streaming up out of the forest.


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