North Shore, Oahu

I have to dive everywhere. Even though I know its not going to be ‘amazing’, I have to try, just to see!

North Shore was one of those places. Diving through lava tubes, not much life around. Cool to do once (or twice…it was two dives), but doesn’t need to be repeated.

This is sharks cove. A clamber down to the shoreline, down piles of (lava) rocks and wading through the surge-y shallow water. To be met with bad visibility (sand in the water), one turtle and not many fish.

But Shark’s Cove itself was amazing. The ocean waves hitting the exposed reef, and tricking down into the shallow cove

And the food was amazing, along with the cute house I stayed at

And the beaches were pretty.

And the town was so cute

The turtles showed up to nest. As well as a rare monk seal!


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