A day trip out of Austin!

First stop, Target, for snacks. Then actually on the road…! Past lots of ranches, into Texas hill country. Filled with lots of hills.

First real stop, the Enchanted Rock. A pink granite rock. Thought to be an energy vortex (similar to the ones we went to in Arizona recently).

It was a cool walk up though, getting rather steep towards the top, then levelled out giving great views across the Texas hill country.

There was a shaved ice food truck at the bottom of the hill. Definitely not kona standard though!!

Then down into the town of Fredericksburg. An old German town, complete with German bakeries and Christmas tree.

Very exciting – a hot sauce shop! i tried several, including the 1 million scoville one, just the tiniest tiniest bit and my mouth was on fire for about 15 minutes afterwards!

And a very Texas experience – a gun shop. A first for me. And probably a last. Very strange!!

On the way back, through farmland, we stopped at an old president’s house. Lyndon B. Johnson ranch house and land. Lots of deer, cows and his old plane!

There are hundreds of vineyards on this road. We stopped at one to pick up some wine


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