Mexico City

Mexico City. The sprawling megatropolis of 22 million people.

I was nervous to walk around the city. The drive from the airport didn’t fill me with confidence. But in the busy areas of the historic centre, it was totally fine and felt very safe. I was totally ignored, which was wonderful!

The Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor sit just to the side of the main square. Unfortunately still closed to visitors (due to covid), but you can look in from the street.

The main square, Plaza de la Constitucion, dominated by the Cathedral, which started construction in 1571 on top of Aztec ruins after the Spanish conquest. It was busy, full of Sunday shoppers, worshipers and people coming for a cleanse.

Inside the cathedral was cool. Transported to Europe.

Just wandered around. Coming across old bakeries. Old churro shops (that wasn’t an accident!) and old buildings.

Stumbled across a packed china town, complete with weekend markets

The vegan food in Mexico City is insane. Amazing choice and all so delicious.

Corn chips make an appearance at every meal. Chilaquiles. Breakfast corn chips cooked with salsa verde.

The following day, i got an Uber down to a different part of town – La Condesa. Originally the neighbourhood was owned by a very rich lady. But fell into disrepair following several earthquakes and the rich moved to new, fancier places to live. More recently the neighbourhood has regenerated into a cool place to be. Full of cafes, parks and dog walkers.

Transported into Europe. Wide streets filled with trees. You would never know you were in Mexico City.

Vegan cafes. Churros cafes. And an unfortunate bee sting whilst walking through a park.


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