Starting overlanding
Arusha, Tanzania

This morning I joined my overlanding truck. It was departing just a short 10 minute walk from where I was staying. Typical that it then began to rain!

A large yellow truck rolled up – specially designed for overlanding through Africa – with underneath compartments for bags, tents, cooking equipment etc and a seating area upstairs, set out like a bus. There were 11 of us, so fairly roomy in the 20-odd seater bus! 10 girls and 1 boy! Everyone seemed very nice, I’m sure we will all get along.

A 3 hour drive South from Nairobi, through the Masai plains of Kenya brought us to Nmanga, the border town with Tanzania. We had been pre-warned that this being the busiest border crossing in Africa, 3 hour waits were not uncommon.

1 hour later, all 12 people had successfully secured a Kenyan exit stamp and a new Tanzanian visa (which disappointingly was just a stamp, not a sticker – what did we just pays $50 for?!). Hardly another person in sight.

Country number 2 – Tanzania

The midday sun had warmed the air – so we rolled down our tarpaulin windows and sat in a wind tunnel for the next few hours!

The scenery was largely similar to Southern Kenya – traditionally dressed Masai people herding cattle and goat, small fruit markets and traditional houses. Most people waved to us as we drove along, some children thought it would be funny to throw rocks at us. We didn’t.

A couple of hours later we rolled into Arusha. Checked out another supermarket – in total contrast to Nairobi, this one was totally African (as one would expect, being in Africa and all).

Our campsite for the night is called Snake Park. Luckily this didn’t mean there were snakes sliding around freely – instead they rescue snakes from locals’ houses and give them a home in their sanctuary – which unfortunately was closed when we went to check them out.

After a quick lesson in putting up a tent – who knew it was so easy…..!! We were left to it. This tent will be my home for the next month, so I’m sure I will soon be a tent-putting-up expert!


Tomorrow – Serengeti, I can’t wait!


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