Diving in Zanzibar

Jambo mambo
Zanzibar, Tanzania


I could get used to this! Diving, drinking, sleeping, diving, drinking etc etc etc!

Another day out on the boat. Back around the other side of the island again. Although this time, off the shallow reef, into the deeper blue water. This meant sailing right into 1.5-2m high breaking waves. Not fun.

Once into the water though, lots of fun. Much better diving today – cool stuff – massive massive 1ft long frog fish! Leaf scorpion fish. Loads of nudibranches! (rather pleased with my 3mm long find!) And a cool 36m deep wall to float to the bottom of!

Second dive, much the same. But loads of cool things again. Although sadly nothing big – no dolphins or sharks. Only dolphins on the surface.

Around the world, people seem unable to pronounce my name. I have been called many variations. But today, the divemaster on the boat gave up entirely and decided to call me chocolate!

The sea was really choppy, a result of overnight 20-30knot winds. After the second dive, a repeat of the Swanage dive trip!! Couldn’t wait to return to the flat land.

Rest of the afternoon spent in the bar, what a surprise. A 2 hour wait for dinner has its own name. TIA is no longer enough. Over here, it’s TIAZ.

It’s currently the season for Nairobi flies. They are around for about 2-3 weeks a year – 1cm long red-black-red flying ant-like insects. I had no idea what they were, several have been crawling over me, I’ve been happily brushing them off. I had no idea that if you squash one, it leaks acid all over your skin, leaving a huge burn mark for 1-10weeks. Several of us have now discovered that!! Luckily mine is only small on my shoulder.

I love Zanzibar – don’t want to leave tomorrow!!


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