Dar Es Salam

Tuk tuk racing
Dar Es Salam, Tanzania

Sad times, the last morning in Zanzibar.

Went for a last walk down the beach before the 1.5 hour drive back down to Stone Town. After being stamped back out of the island (random immigration system!) it was into the circus of a ‘queue’ for boarding the 12.30pm ferry.

We already had tickets, turns out the ferry was sold out. Not a problem though, loads and loads of people were just paying to get on, with no ticket. As a result, the ferry was over crowded!

So we spent the next 2 hours huddled in a corner on the floor laying over our bags, not a chance of a seat!

After another tuk-tuk race (mine won!), we were back at the campsite and putting up tents again.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in the only way possible – in the beach bar with Konyagi (local rum) slushies! Lots of goodbyes to be said – some people are now leaving us.

The group of 31 (we combined with another truck for zanzibar) is now down to 18.


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