Mabul Island

Mabul, Malaysia


Was good to finally get some sleep last night!

Feeling all refreshed for another day of diving! Today I’m heading to Mabul island to stay in the beach resort for 2 nights….or so I thought. When I arrived, turns out I’m booked in for 4 nights. Ok then!

The boat ride took around an hour, passing by bajau villages and as soon as I arrived, it was straight back out on a boat to Kapalai to go diving!

Kapalai sand bar is home to Kapalai resort, an expensive water village! They are sitting upon a great reef though and we spent the morning there doing two dives.

After a great lunch back at Mabul – the food has definitely improved since my last time here – back out diving. This time just infront of the jetty in the sand.

Even though there is no coral, you don’t need coral for good stuff. The sand is home to a plethora of amazingly cool and rare creatures. As soon as we descended, we landed upon two flamboyant cuttlefish – one male and one female. They are so beautiful – purple, yellow, white and black, with the colours flashing across their bodies. Really really cool – never seen them before and they’re pretty rare.


A little bit further along, four huge huge 2m long green turtles. They were surrounded by a school of large cuttlefish and reef squid all swirling around. The artificial structures are dotted with the odd nudibranch, frog fish and ghost pipefish. The anemone covered in anemone cleaner shrimps and squat shrimps. This dive site was amazing last time I was here and it has surpassed itself this time too! I love it!!

I was exhausted the rest of the afternoon, but after dinner made it to the bar!


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