Di mana Ikan u
Sipadan, Malaysia

Time for Sipadan!

Sipadan is the only oceanic island in Malaysia.

On one side of the island, just off the main beach, the ocean floor drops vertically down 2,000m. Around the other side of the island, the reef drops to 600m. The oceanic currents around the island bring lots of nutrients. Nutrients bring lots of life and BIG stuff!

This is my favourite place in the world to dive.

We had to be ready on the jetty for 6.15am, shame there was no boat driver! So we waited until about 7.30am before setting off! Just a 30 minute boat ride brought us to the pale blue waters, lapping over the white sandy beach. Not beach time yet – just stopping by the small jetty to sign in and then off to the first dive site. The day ran much like most diving days – dive, stop at the island for breakfast, dive, stop at the island for cake, dive, stop at the island for lunch, dive, head back to Mabul for cake, rest, dinner. !!

It was awesome! As usual. Didn’t see anything new, which was a shame. But still saw, loads and loads of white tip reef sharks, pregnant grey reef shark, thousands and thousands of schooling big eye jackfish, huge yellow fin barracuda and lots of other things. And went for a swim around turtle cave, which is really cool. It’s like diving in one large aquarium. After heading back to Mabul, went for a walk around the village. And spent the rest of the evening in the bar.


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