Whats nothing?
Semporna, Malaysia


Time to have a rest!

I’m not going diving today, having a day to sort out my life! At breakfast I wondered how I was going to fill my day when not diving all day.

But after walking the entire circumference of the island, going for a snorkel, having lunch, going to the water village resort for an (expensive) icecream, topping up my ‘tan’, going for a swim and reading my book, the whole day disappeared very quickly!!

I haven’t really ever just snorkelled, so was a rather new experience! Found a hawksbill turtle, razor file fish and a huge school of cornet fish – so you do see things when snorkelling then! But it wasn’t as good as diving, even free diving couldn’t stay down long enough to explore around all the coral.
As usual, evening in the bar! I love it here!!


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