Siem Reap

Tuk tuk? Massage? Scarf miss?
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, Cambodia

An early morning with a 7am pick up ready to head to Siem Reap!

I decided to forgo with the usual tourist coach and instead went in a shared (quite big, almost a van) car with some locals!

It ended up being a great decision, much faster and much more comfy! We drove across the Mekong river out of the city and into the Cambodian countryside.

The road, which was once a one lane small road is being widened into what looks like a 6 lane (3 each side) mega road. There are no road markings, no central divide, each side of vehicles just seem to use as much space as they need! And it seems to work, buses, vans, cars, motorbikes, cyclists, horses and cows all moving together.

The countryside was beautiful, flat fields as far as you could see all around. Families drying grains outside their wooden houses where their cow grazed in the front garden.

We stopped off half way in Kampung Thom, a small market village. This gave a chance to try a bit more local food before the final stretch into Siem Reap.

After being dropped at an office (there is no central bus station here) and approached by a tuk tuk driver, I was looking forward to a cooling dip in the pool. However life is not that easy! The driver had no idea where my hotel was. We drove for the first 10mins, ‘this one?’, ‘this one ok?’, both parties becoming even more strained at each hotel.

Eventually we stopped to consult with some other tuk tuk drivers, who also had no idea. I had an address, no help. Eventually I headed into a 5 star hotel and begged to use the Internet quickly.

A few minutes later and we were back on our way, a whole 30 second drive from where we were. A whole hour later, finally arrived!!

I spent the rest of the day enjoying some Mexican food (whoops…..) and the markets!

In the late afternoon, just about to head off for sunset at Angkor Wat – and rather excited – the rain set in 😦 so no sunset for me. Instead, dinner back in town and a LOT more shopping!!


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