Following Roman footsteps
Rome, Italy


Another leisurely morning before catching the metro up to Piazza Popolo. This Piazza used to mark the Northern boundary of the city of Rome.

From here, we wandered around the shopping streets – Herve Leger, Chanel, Prada….all the shops I can no longer afford!! And we ended up at the Spanish Steps. I had wondered why these were called the Spanish steps, when we are in fact in Italy. They are named after the nearby Spanish Embassy. With 138 steps to the top, thats a lot of space for sitting people – and it was packed!

After the steps, we found ourselves at Piazza Colonna, the official residence of the Italian Prime Minister. Complete with an intricately carved marble column, over 2,000 years old.

The Trevi fountain is the most famous in Rome and is surprisingly tucked along some narrow streets in a very small Piazza. Although the fountain was beautiful, unsurprisingly it was packed full of people which somewhat detracted from the sight. An estimated 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day!

Another gelato stop – this time some cherry and tiramisu! (yesterday’s pineapple and coconut definitely my favourite!). But then the weather turned and it started to rain, oh no.

We headed back to the airport on a bus around 6pm. We had booked online (€2 cheaper!) but I just had the ticket as a digital version. Apparently not good enough and was sent away to go and get it printed off. Annoying. There was a lot of traffics heading out of Rome and 30 minutes into the journey had hardly made it out of the city. However once we hit the motorway we zoomed along and made it within an hour.

The airport was huge (and not particularly well signposted) but we made it to the plane and took off on time. After a smooth 2.5 hour flight, we were landing back at Heathrow.


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