Bye bye Burma
Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

We ‘woke’ (actually we never really slept, so waking wasn’t really possible) to the sunrise across the fields. It was really pretty.

At the bus station we were met with the usual chaos, but managed to find a taxi for a reasonable price into the city – which is almost an hours drive away.

Arriving at the guesthouse at 7am and we were able to check into our rom straight away! We were surprised when the receptionist handed us a little note – we had some friends (that we used to work with, from the island) here too that were going to meet us after breakfast! That was a nice surprise.

After a bit of breakfast, showering and a short sleep, we made it back downstairs and bumped into our friends that had just arrived! So lovely! A few hours of catching up, then we headed into the city for some lunch.

We wandered around the packed streets, past the random stalls selling everything from glasses to remote controls, oranges and pig heads!

For lunch we went to one of the really busy Indian restaurants – it was also really cheap, the cheapest food we have had in the whole of Burma, and it was delicious! I had a masala dosa (like a thin pancake made of rice batter and lentils, with a potato curry filling) and almost managed to eat a whole meal!!

We re-visited the Bogyoke market for some last minute souvenirs and were shocked at the small little puppies in a large box for sale!

After heading back to the guesthouse for a rest, writing some postcards, buying some corn-on-the-cob (!) and sitting around doing nothing, we went for a last little walk around. One of the nearby houses was holding an ‘open house’ where they seemed to be giving out free food to poorer people – people were queuing down the street.

Our last evening in Burma and we were in bed by 8pm!! (Thats what no sleep on a night bus does to you!).


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