Back to the island
Semporna, Malaysia

An early morning, up at 5.45am ready to head to the airport by 6.30am. We enjoyed our last cake breakfast (!) and watched as various vehicles milled around outside the guesthouse, wondering which one we would be returning to the airport on.

Turns out, the oldest bus I have ever seen in my life! Like something straight out of a museum. A whole big bus for just 3 people. Several of the windows were missing and we had a very very bumpy 30 minute drive back to the airport!

After dropping bags and being stamped out of the country (a very quick process!) we went through security, only to find ourselves straight in a trapped waiting room! So no chance to spend those last few kyats then!

The 3 hours back to KL went by quickly and I joined the long, long queue at Malaysian immigration.

We now had a 5 hour wait before flight number 2. What to eat after not eating for over a week – McDonalds!! A also bought a snowman donut, but couldn’t manage that (and ended up not eating it until the following day!). There really is nothing to do in KL airport, apart from sit on the floor and play on the imaginary internet that never ever works anymore.

But by 5pm, we had things to do again, checking in for our next flight and heading into a totally packed waiting area. Every single flight ‘delayed’….except for Tawau. Lucky us! When our boarding time of 6.15pm came, I was expecting a delayed announcement, but no, we were the single only flight departing on time and without a 4 hour-odd delay!

Another 3 hours in the sky and back in a hot, steamy Tawau (the hot tree smell still hits me every time). A further 1 hour in the car and by 11.30pm, back in a nice comfy (but cold – too much air con) bed.


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