Christmas on Mabul

Christmas special
Semporna, Malaysia

The lead up to Christmas on a tropical island really is like any other ordinary day. No christmas music, its not cold, no christmas presents to rush around and buy, no mincepies, no decorations, no trees etc etc etc…..

Malaysia, being a muslim country, Christmas is not widely celebrated here. So its very difficult to even buy any normal Christmas items. I had thought ahead and bought some tinsel when I was in KK back in November, so at least had a little decoration for my room!

I had a day off on Christmas eve, I treated myself to some chocolate icecream from the expensive resort next door and went around the island to buy presents for the staff secret santa. I had no wrapping paper, so resorted to using pages from a diving magazine – wrapped in pretty pictures of whalesharks and ocean water!

We had a staff party that evening, with the most delicious food I’ve had since being here! It was (almost!) a full Christmas dinner – vegetables, roast potato, beef and stuffing. I was so full. But then pudding – with custard and icecream, I felt like I was going to explode!!

Christmas day was just like any other – I did have a few presents to unwrap though! The diving was good. Christmas dinner was being served in the resort, but sadly not enough, so I didn’t have a second christmas dinner…..I ate biscuits and chocolate in my room instead!

I was sad not to be in England enjoying all the parties, good food and just being at home.


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