The End

The End
London, United Kingdom


Well this is it.

My final journey to the airport.

My final flight.

And I’m heading home.

My transfer to the airport was 20 minutes late. Typical. But I still arrived in plenty of time for my 9am flight. I’ve travelled around the world carrying quite a lot of luggage in 2 bags. One for dive equipment, one for clothes and other stuff. And it’s taken me until the very last flight to have any kind of problem.

British Airways is the problem. I’m only allowed one checked bag. So after some drastic repacking, I’m down to one checked bag. And a lot of handluggage! The airport was really busy. Massive queues to get into the terminal building (you have to scan all your bags!), long queues to check in, then just hundreds of people milling around the shopping area, you could hardly move.

The airport seems very small for the number of people here. We left a bit late, but enroute to England!

Landed at 10.40am. Back home šŸ™‚


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