North Male diving

Off (luxury!) diving
Male, Maldives


They wake you up early here – 6am. Ready for dive number 1.

We don’t dive from the main boat. We have a second boat – the dive dhoni. It’s brand new, huge with loads of room per person to kit up. There are 20 of us, plus 3 guides. And plenty big enough – impressed.

The dive was a sloping reef, very much like what I am used to in Mabul. The coral was disappointing – quite dead. But towards the end – 6 black tip reef sharks darting around. Cute.


After the dive, we were given a towel and coconut flesh to eat. Amazing. Then once back on the main boat, given a cold flannel. Wow. Luxury. Even boiling hot showers!

Then breakfast – pancakes, fruit, cereal and a whole myriad of anything else. And where did they get Nutella from?!

We started sailing south. Past Male – the main city – a very busy looking island of tallish buildings. Then started to sail past beautiful beaches and small islands. South male atoll.

Second dive – a wreck. Not a huge fan of wrecks. A white tip hanging around. Nothing else really exciting.

More towers, more coconut. And more resting in the sun.

And a night dive. I’m not the biggest fan of being cold and wet at night. And tonight there was a strong current. We were diving under the jetty of the Alimatha resort – with copious numbers of Chinese lined up on the jetty taking photos.


At the bottom – nurse sharks everywhere. And they were huge. Massive cow tail rays, huge huge giant trevalley (1.5m long) darting on both sides of me (bit scary!). I couldn’t get over how large the nurse sharks were!! It was the best night dive I have ever done. You just didn’t know where to look, for sharks, rays and trevalley whizzing past on all sides of you.

And once back on the boat, looking down into a wall of nurse sharks! At least 50 of them all piled next to the boat. Wow.

And dinner – complete with amazing cheesecake. Living in luxury!



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