A day out at Vavuu
Male, Maldives


We were now further south – in Vavuu Atoll. And an early morning, with a 6am dive on a channel. The current wasn’t too strong, until we reached the corner. At which point we used reef hooks to attach onto some rocks to watch the grey reef sharks swimming around – 2 large ones, plus around 6 smaller ones and a couple of white tips.

And once we were out – 4 mantas on the surface!! So we jumped back in. One of them was massive. They were feeding, with their mouths wide open. So cool. Love mantas.

Of course it was then breakfast. Another rest. And another dive. A submerged reef of 5 small pinnacles. Again a white tip or 2, some cool swim throughs between the rocks and lots of soft coral fans.

Lunch time. Again delicious. Lots of salad.

Dive time. A sloping reef at white sands resort. Nothing too much going on. None of the whalesharks that were semi-promised.

And dinner time.

Dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, sleep.


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