The dangerous capital
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Last morning on the island. And went off for a yoga class!

It was held on a wooden platform, just set back from the beach, surrounded by jungle – and chickens!! The mummy chicken and baby chickens kept running around the whole time and flapping about in the roof! Cute! It was very hot. And quite hard!!

90 minutes – but actually flew by. I’m going to ache a lot later / tomorrow.


It was really good though! The instructor was American and class was surprisingly busy!

Typical that the day we leave is the only boiling hot, lovely sunny day. I had a vegetable baleada for breakfast. Probably the last baleada as I leave Honduras later today. I do like them – like a Malaysian roti!!

At 11.30am we sadly headed off in a taxi back to the airport. We were ridiculously early for our flight! The check in desk didn’t even open until 1pm. And then the woman told us that the flight was delayed! Great.

Apparently very cloudy in Tegucigalpa, so the plane hadn’t yet been able to take off. We didn’t end up being too late. We were supposed to leave at 2.30pm, but it was 3.15pm by the time we took off.

Even though it was just an hour to Tegucigalpa, the man managed to run around with drinks, biscuits and a small roll!!


The views out across Roatan island were really pretty (even with the huge cruise ships docked!!). And could see the neighbouring island of Utila in the background. It was a very cloudy journey.

After an hour, Tegucigalpa came into view. Another sprawling city of square box houses clustered everywhere. Coming in to land was scary, we came so close to the houses, then suddenly the cliff would drop and we would be further away from the houses again – this happened several times! Strange place for an airport!!

Again we had to pass through passport control (for a domestic flight!) weird. They just waved us through, so lucky there was no queue!!

And from here we had a van to drive us down to Leon in Nicaragua. We were late, so by the time we headed off it was around 4.30pm.

Tegucigalpa has the reputation of being a very dangerous city. We were told to close all windows and were locked in! We had to drive through a bit of the town, didn’t look too exciting – lots of people selling food and stuff at the sides of the roads and lots and lots of buses! Then off into the Honduran mountains! It soon got dark, at 6pm. And we had several stops at service stations before we hit the Honduran : Nicaragua border at 9.30pm.

We spent ages here. And this time, we didn’t have to walk over! We just stayed in the van, in a very long traffic jam of trucks (which we eventually over took!). By the time we left the border it was gone 11pm.

Annoying that it takes so long for something that should be so simple!

2014 country number 8 – Nicaragua

A few more hours drive, and by 1.30am we had arrived in Leon. And straight to bed!!


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