Alice Springs

All the delays
Alice Springs, Australia

Despite trying to lie in, I was up at 7am. But did nothing for most of the morning, other than repack all my things.

I went off for a walk around the town to pick up some food for the day. I got a burrito for lunch and some coconut yoghurt and mangos for dinner. I was picked up at 1.20pm for the return trip to the airport, ready for my flight at 3.30pm back to Darwin.

The next few days involve a bit of travelling around to get to the next real destination – Ambon. It was supposed to take just so under 2 hours to get to Darwin. But there was a massive storm over the city. So we ended up circling for over an hour. It was 6.15pm by the time we landed. And check in for my next flight closed at 7pm. But that plane was delayed too. By nearly 2 hours. Argh!!!

So tired. So I sat outside, where it was warmer and watched the purple sky as I had some oats and coconut yoghurt for dinner.

We finally left at 10pm (should have been 8pm). For the 3 hour flight back to Bali. I tried to sleep because I was so exhausted, but some people were being so loud and annoying a few rows away. We landed at 11pm (back 1.5 hours) and my taxi guy was already waiting for me. Thank goodness!

I even remembered to pick up my bag at left luggage and we were enroute to the south of Bali. I’ve not been to the south before. So thought I would try something a bit different! I only spoke Indonesian with the taxi guy, no English at all. I need to keep practising! It was only a 30 minute drive and we arrived. Such a beautiful collection of villas, I even have an outdoor shower! Shame I’m not here longer. Straight to bed!


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