One last smoothie bowl
Uluwatu, Indonesia

I tried to have a lie in, kept waking up, but forced myself to stay in bed until 9am.

Breakfast wasn’t too exciting, just some fruit and bread (I couldn’t eat the pancakes/eggs etc which they offered). I went for a walk down to the beach. I’m staying right near to Bingin beach. It’s a complete maze.

Cute little alleyways led through the houses and forest area towards the steps which lead down to the beach. We are on a cliff top, so you wind down the cliff, past numerous guesthouses and local style touristy cafes. There are great views in between the trees. Up towards Dreamland beach (which was full of umbrellas and people). And out towards the ocean.

The beach was nice enough, not too busy, but totally lined with surf shops and cafes. Entirely aimed at tourists. I wandered along for a while. But there is only so far you can go, as there are rocky cliffs bordering the edges of the beach. So I headed back up the stairs and off to find some lunch.

For lunch I went to a cafe near to my villa. It had a very vegan style menu. Awesome. (But not local at all). I had my last pink pitaya smoothie bowl and some fresh rice paper rolls. Was really delicious. I also got a small raw cake to go.

For the next few hours I hung around and in the pool. It was great. A cat joined me. Then it started to pour with rain, just as it was time to leave.


Back to the airport. This time for a domestic flight, up to Makassar. I left at 3pm and again had a chatty taxi driver – which I again did all in Indonesian, which they seem to think is hilarious.

Bali airport is totally different from last time I was here. They are using all new terminals (so much nicer – the old terminals were very, very old). But the old cute tatty souvenir shops have been replaced by much fancier shops, which is a shame, but also fun to browse.

Previously the domestic terminal was no more than one small chaotically busy room with some stalls in the middle. It was pouring with rain when we took off. Could barely see the airport buildings. But once we were into the sky, out of the clouds, the views were amazing. Huge cloud formations and a lovely sunset. We flew over Lombok and had great views over the tallest volcano in Indonesia – Mount Rinjani, complete with crater lakes.

We landed just before 7pm. My next flight is at 3.30am (!) so I have a hotel room in the airport whilst I wait. And hopefully I can sleep.


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