Wolf Island – Galapagos 

We arrived at Wolf island around 5am. Marked by the noisy anchor being let down. 
But I managed to sleep a bit longer until 6.30am. Breakfast – they made me an awesome cake wrapped in a leaf, so delicious. 
Wolf island is a rock, in the middle of the ocean. Completely covered in birds. 
Then diving. 
The diving here is difficult. Currents. Surge. Waves. Cold water. We were given GPS markers to dive with, to use incase we got lost. 
The first dive at Shark Bay was great. We dropped down to about 20m and tried to sit on rocks. But the current was all over the place, which made it hard. Immediately we had several large 2m+ Galapagos sharks swimming past, first time I’ve seen those. Then hammerheads coming past – also the first time I’ve seen these up close in detail. (I’ve seen a fleeting glimpse in the Maldives). 4 hammerheads together right at the end. So cool. 
An hour back on board the main boat, then off again. This time further along the island at a site called Landslide. And it was wavy. We dropped onto some rocks, made our way down to 18m. Then held on. The current was strong. And there was a random surge. 
There were eagle rays right in front of us. They were huge. The biggest I’ve ever seen. I’ve only see babies before. Then a small school of them went by. With a golden cowray in the middle of them (perhaps confused about which species he is! And just joined some eagle ray friends!). So cute. They went back and forth in front of us a few times. 

Of course, hammerheads weaving around. But never coming that close. Their heads nodding in a weaving motion as they swim. 
After around half an hour, we let go of the rocks and zoomed along. The current was strong. More sharks. Schools of jacks. Then back to the surface. 
It was still rough – so wavy. Getting back onto the panga was a challenge! But I felt ok – luckily not seasick which surprised me.  
We had lunch on the roof of the boat. They were also running the jacuzzi. Was such a nice sunny day. 
At 1.30pm, off again. Back to the site we were at this morning. There was no current this time. And no sharks. The odd hammerhead every now and then. A few turtles. But nothing that exciting. 
I had a huge headache for most of the dive. And started to feel sick on the safety stop and barely able to see anything. This has happened before. By the time I reached the surface, I was being sick. It was so wavy. Handing my gear up to the panga was a challenge. And then someone shouted whaleshark! 
I still had my fins on. And despite feeling terrible. I swam over – it was cute. A small one. (Small still means 5m long!) 
On the panga I felt so sick. And by the time we reached the main boat, I couldn’t walk. So dizzy. So I got carried off and they gave me oxygen. So embarrassed. 
Then sadly I had to miss the last dive of the day. Pretty devastated. 
So spent the time watching the birds on the island, from the boat.
Dinner (beans, rice and vegetables). And bed. 

Thursday 29 June 2017
Still at Wolf for the morning. And feeling much better. 
And back around to the very choppy dive site – landslide. 
The eagle rays (with cowray) were still hanging out. Super cute. The odd hammerhead and Galapagos shark. And again a super strong current. 
It was so wavy. The second I reached the surface, I was throwing up. 
Luckily we didn’t have to wait for the panga to arrive – it is always right above us waiting for us. The drivers are so clever – following the bubbles. So reassuring to know that we don’t have to wait in such huge waves. They achieved this every single dive without fail, amazing. First place I’ve ever been where the drivers have been that skilled. 
Lunch – just some vegetables, didn’t want to overdo things! But lots and lots of water. 
Then after lunch, we began the crossing, 20km north to Darwin island. Whist spotting spinner dolphins jumping alongside us. 


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