Saturday 4 November 2017

A380s are great. I was on the top deck and it was super roomy. I slept most of the night, but still felt tired as we were skimming over the deltas of Botswana and down into the city of Johannesburg.

It doesn’t feel that long since I was last here. But it was 2 years.

Not staying long. Just a 2 hour layover. Which is now just over an hour as we were running late.

It took a while to get off and pass through transit passport stamping and scanning. By the time I made it to the gate, the plane was already boarding.

This flight is another 2 hours. We took off right across the city. Past the tall towers of the CBD. And the stadium, and painted chimneys of Soweto.

Then across flat lands. The ground slowly turning a burnt orange colour. Straight roads cut through nothingness.


6 YEARS ago (I couldn’t believe its that long ago when I looked it up), I overlanded and camped from Kenya to South Africa through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. It was incredible. And I was so sad that I didn’t carry on the trip further into Namibia as that’s where the truck went after I left the group. So here I am. Just 6 years later filling in more gaps!

I am so excited.

Getting out of the airport was super quick. I was picked up by a taxi and it was a 40 minute drive into the city.

The airport was in the middle of nowhere. But even the city wasn’t that busy. Just a few small roads. More like a small town. Surrounded by fancy gated houses.

First night is at an urban camp. They have pre-set up tents with beds in. Cute. Easing back into camping.

I’m meeting an Irish friend here. We met in Guatemala and have travelled together for weekends away a few times since. I normally do long travelling alone, so makes a change to have an instant friend!

We are joining a group – travelling in a truck and camping. Similar to what I did last time. But times move on. We now have inbuilt WiFi and usb charging plugs at our seats. I didn’t even have a functioning iPhone last time I did this.

We are not staying in Windhoek for long. Just this evening and moving on tomorrow.

We went for dinner with the group at a nearby restaurant. They serve lots of game animals. Shame. Not much vegetables on the menu. But I had salad and potato wedges and were surprisingly good.

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