Manuel Antonio

Tuesday 4 September 2018

I left Santa Teresa on a 7am shuttle to Montezuma beach. The town is busy at 7am. Surfers heading out, or heading back. Everyone off to work.

I’m heading to Manuel Antonio for a night, before my flight back to England tomorrow.

Montezuma is cool. I’ve been here before. A small touristy town, with a pretty, jungle covered beach.

I’m catching the speed boat shuttle, which runs to Jaco, on the mainland. The boat takes an hour and I was hoping for whales or dolphins. Sadly none. But it was a very pleasant, flat journey and only took an hour. Much easier than the long, slow public ferry!

At Jaco, I was picked up and driven for an hour down the coast to Manuel Antonio. I’ve wanted to come here for ages (every time I’ve visited Costa Rica), but never quite made it.

Im staying at Arenas del Mar. A beautiful eco resort, set in acres and acres of forest. I even got a room upgrade, to an ocean view suite with a jacuzzi on the expansive balcony. Wow.

There were cappuccins outside my room, so I popped out to take some photos. I had barely been out there a few seconds, turned around and one of them was running out of my room with a handful of sugar sachets. That scared me a little. I had lots of other things in my room they could steal. So kept my doors locked after that!!

I had arrived at 11am and spent the rest of the day hiking around. Looking for animals. Flying the drone along the beach. And enjoying the scenery.

I headed down to the national park, but hadn’t realised the ticket office closed at 3pm. It was 3.10pm and they wouldn’t sell me a ticket. Shame. But the park was just more of the same as the rest of the area.

Wednesday 5 September 2018

I was up early. Took myself on a few trails.

Then breakfast (they made me vegan pancakes!).

And swimming. The infinity pool looking over the beach and jungle was so pretty.

I had to leave about 12pm for the 2hour drive back to San Jose airport. Such a shame. Was enjoying the jungle and the luxury!!


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