Saturday 24 November 2018

Back to the airport. Time to leave French Polynesia – I’m very sad.

The international airport was no more exciting than the domestic airport. And I wasn’t able to spend the last of the (too much) money I had left.

5 hours, back to New Zealand. And back over the date line, again. So confusingly I missed out on the whole of Saturday…

Sunday 25 November 2018

And landed at 1pm on Sunday.

I left my bags at checked baggage, so much freedom. Then caught the Sky bus into the city.

When I was here two weeks ago, I was only just passing through and didn’t go into the city.

It was pouring rain. There was meant to be a farmers Christmas parade in the city centre today – meaning all roads closed – but it had been cancelled due to the rain. At least it meant the bus didn’t have to drop me miles away!

First stop – supermarket. Kombucha central! Amazing that a normal supermarket has so many. England needs to catch up.

Then next job – food. I haven’t had a proper meal since Tuesday. And was getting very hungry. I went to a vegan fast food takeaway – Lord of the Fries. And had it back in my hotel room. Amazing.

I’m staying right on the waterfront harbour.

I had a bit of a wander around. Then just lazed about for the evening.


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