Singapore Jewel

Wednesday 1 May 2019

An early morning. 5.30am leaving Paro. To a sunrise over the mountains and a blue sky – the best weather so far all trip, and I’m leaving. Typical!

Today is a travel day. Through 4 countries. The most I’ve ever managed in one day!q

My final destination is Bali.

First up, a flight out of Paro, Bhutan. To Guwahati, India. I’ve not been to Assam before and really want to visit his area. Shame I’m not staying!

Next up, a flight from Guwahati to Singapore.

I thought I would end up with most of the day in Singapore. But after flight schedule changes, I only have 5 hours. So just enough time to check out the new Jewel centre at the airport.

It was hectic. Couldn’t move for people. Perhaps because it is new and only opened last week. Queues everywhere. For everything.

I queued for a bubble tea. For an hour. Complete waste of time. And they didn’t even have soy milk. So I basically wasted my time.

Then to try and have dinner. Again a huge queue. I only just had enough time to quickly eat before needing to get the bus across to another terminal for my next flight.

Last flight of the day. Singapore to Bali.

I love Indonesia. It’s been a while since I was last here (2.5 years!).

Not the nicest welcome. At midnight. And passport queue larger than the room allows for. It took over an hour. Awful.

Then over an hours drive to the hotel. And finally almost 3am, bed time. Not forgetting ginger tea first, which they served when I got here!!


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