Fort Portal

Saturday 9 November 2019

Leaving the city today, to head out into the countryside.

We left at 8am. Back through the busy city centre. And then suddenly in endless fields of eucalyptus and banana trees. I’ve never seen so many bananas before. Piles being sold at the roadsides and men on bikes with bananas piled all around them. So cool.

Occasionally a small town, with a busy market at the side of the road. But mostly just fields and forest. All green. Scattered houses. Very different to the rest of the African countries I have visited.

We arrived into the town of Fort Portal around 2pm – time for lunch! We stopped at a restaurant that served a local food buffet. And most of it was vegan! Loads of vegetables – green beans, yam, potato, cassava, matoke (cooked banana) and peanut sauce. So delicious.

And we finally stopped at an atm. I had no local money – didn’t stop an atm at the airport.

Then onwards to our lodge. We were staying on a farm, in permanent tents.

After dropping our things at the tent, a few of us went with a guide for a walk in the surrounding forest.

We started off in the garden – they grow all their own fruits and vegetables. And then into the forest, to spot monkeys.

We found a family of black and white corobas monkeys. I’ve never seen these before!

We had dinner at the farm – they made me special vegan food!

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